Selling or buying property in Singapore?

Let us share the latest rules, regulations, and opportunities for Singapore property with you.

Why Buy Property in Singapore?

Five Reasons to Focus on Singapore Real Estate

Good Track Record of Consistent Capital Value Growth

Singapore has a good record for medium to long-term capital value growth and retention.

Strong Demand from International Buyers

Singapore has always been one of the favorite destinations for affluent overseas buyers and continue to be.

No Capital Appreciation Tax and No Estate Duty

You get to keep the profit you make from your real estate investment and if you are planning for generational wealth, then your children get to keep what you made as a result of your hard work.

Safe Currency Haven

Singapore Dollar has been consistently appreciating its neighbors and key trading partners.

Easy to Rent Out with predictable rental yield

There is consistently a large inbound of multi-national companies setting up an office in Singapore. Singapore is also positioned as a key education and medical hub in Asia.

Facilitating Our Clients Real Estate Milestones With Heart, Mind and Integrity

We are a team of licensed real estate professionals serving the greater Singapore area with experience representing residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Over the years, we have helped many local and international clients break into the Singapore market. We take great pride in providing the highest level of service and have built a network of professionals to help ensure each transaction closes smoothly.

In all dealings, we aim to be our client’s biggest advocates. We work closely with lawyers, lenders, accountants, and developers to secure the best terms in each deal.

Along with our industry knowledge and experience, working with Singapore’s best allows us to provide first-class service for all buyers and sellers.

What We Can Do For You?

Paying attention to details and helping our clients to identify their highest priority​

Certain questions need to be clarified before making any investment decisions, especially for foreign buyers. What we bring to the table are well-researched and supportive answers.

We are a Team

We have the best team made up of different expertise and specialization. Our lawyers, accountants, corporate secretaries, and other partners have years of experience in dealing with overseas buyers.

Strong Follow-Up and Lifelong Journey

We do strong follow-ups and build long-term relationships with our clients.

Start Your Singapore Investment Journey With Us

It is about knowing what you want. We will listen closely to your requirements with occasional questions to clarify if we understand you correctly.

We will present well-researched answers, options, and opportunities to you and discuss the pros and cons and deepen our conversation to see if there is anything else we are not clear about.

Present a Real Estate Investing Roadmap and Strategy for you according to your requirements.


Adjustment and refining of any plan or strategy.

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"I approached Daniel to buy my 1st property in Singapore. Naturally I had a lot of questions for him since i have no local knowledge. He took his time to listen patiently and address all my concerns. I like his frankness. When he encountered questions that he cannot answer, he finds out and gets back to me. I think it is important when someone tells you truthfully he doesn't know the answer and makes an effort to find it out for you. He did a great job for me. We have been working closely ever since for subsequent property purchases.
Mr. Lam
"My wife and I moved to Singapore from China. Daniel helped us to buy property and our first house. He is an exceptional communicator! He made the whole experience of buying a property as stress-free as possible, especially for first-time overseas home-buyers like us. We can’t thank him enough for helping us!
Mr. Li
"I’d like to thank Daniel for his outstanding service in helping my husband and I in buying a home in Singapore. Daniel put a lot of effort in educating us in the process. He was meticulous, enthusiastic and responsible in finding our current property. We found him to be a good listener. We appreciated Daniel’s experience, integrity, knowledge of the real estate market in Singapore and his finesse with people. We highly recommend Daniel."
Mrs. Tan

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